Phone: +46 76 850 3131
PPR: +46 76 850 3131

Idre flygplats

This is the homepage of Idre flygplats. Here we will publish information regarding the airport. 


Here you will find airport information

Location: 6152.2 N 1241.4 E 1.1 NM/2 KM NW Idre village
Hight: 1480 ft / 451 m

LDA15: 967 m
LDA33: 1558 m

Radio frequency
IDRE RADIO: 131.505
SWEDEN CTL: 132.150

Important information
PPR: +46 76 850 3131
Within mountain area

High terrain on final RWY 15

THR 15 moved inwards 591 m

Right turn RWY 33

All flight information is also published and updated in ForelFlight and SkyDeamon


Januari 2021

There is allot of things happening at the airport, the snow has now arrived. But that has not prevented us or others to come here for landing, refueling or enjoying a coffee and cake in the hangar
Say hi to our new snowblower Miss Elsa. The picture is from our first test. Everyone was very impressed with her capacity.
Helicopter landing
Max the happy helicopter pilot landed at Idre to refuel. He did choose a fantastic day with nice conditions and lots of snow. Welcome back Max and crew.
Lights at the airport
Winter is here and it's very very dark, so all means of light sources are welcome. This nice construction was used as light outside the hanger creating the Idre airport spirit in the winter darkness 


Staff meeting at Idre airport

Attention attention, all reindeer personnel at Idre airport, please gather at the hanger after you have fueled.